How to Undelete Photos on Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the world famous models of Android phone that everyone dreams to have. It is a multi-touch phone which is designed in a slate format by Samsung Electronics. It supported “Ice Cream Sandwich”  version of Android later it was updated to “Jelly Bean”. Its graphical user interface and support of applications makes it the best. With its camera one can capture photos with high clarity and save on either internal or external memory. Even after having all these capabilities this device can be completely prevented from data loss.



Let us contemplate a common cause of picture loss from Samsung Galaxy S3.  After a long gap, you planned a wonderful trip with friends to a place where you always dreamt of visiting. With lots of excitement you visited the place and captured all the memories on your Samsung Galaxy S3. When you returned back, without wasting any time you immediately connected the phone to your laptop and started transferring the photos. But unfortunately, the laptop shuts down due to lack of battery. Later when you made a check on the phone as well as the system. You found that many of the pictures were missing. This makes you annoying, since they were the only copy you had and wonder about How to Undelete Photos on Samsung Galaxy S3? Stop getting annoyed!!! Here I have the best solution to restore deleted pictures on Samsung Galaxy S3. Simply download and use Undelete Pictures Android Samsung Galaxy S3 tool on your computer to retrieve deleted photos Samsung Galaxy S3 within a short time. Apart from this, you can also use this eminent tool to recover deleted photos from Android Tablet. To know more about how to recover deleted photos from your Android Tablet, you can go through this page:

What happens when a file is deleted?

Deleting file is a common operation generally used on a daily basis. This option helps to clear up unwanted files from the phone and makes some free space for new data. But using this option accidentally can be a data disaster. Generally, deleting a picture only removes the file pointer, not the file. Since the file reference is removed, it becomes unreachable for the users. How to Undelete Photos on Samsung Galaxy S3? Such images can only be recovered with the use of specialized programs called recovery tools.

Factors that cause the deletion of images from Samsung Galaxy S3:

  • Malware attacks from a network while downloading any harmful file or application can cause deletion of pictures
  • Accidentally tapping on the delete option while previewing the pictures on the phone
  • Formatting the Android phone while upgrading the operating system version can also lead to data loss
  • Using the factory reset option when the phone is not functioning properly can also cause the deletion of photos saved on your Samsung Galaxy S3

If you have encountered any of such scenarios and lost your pictures, then stop waiting and download Undelete Photos Samsung Galaxy S3 to get the solution to the query How to Undelete Photos on Samsung Galaxy S3? and retrieve back your images

Undelete Photo Samsung Galaxy S3 is an incredible software built with powerful algorithms to identify your deleted pictures files based on the file extension and retrieve deleted photos Samsung Galaxy S3. With this tool, you can restore Android JPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD and so on image formats. Besides this, it provides the real time preview of the restored photos, on completing the recovery process. You can easily execute this software on all latest Windows platforms to retrieve deleted photos Samsung Galaxy S3

This tool can recover deleted photos HTC Desire HD android smartphone and android phones supporting version like Ginger Bread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean etc. No matter whether you have lost images from Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S2 or any other model, you can use this product for recovery of your images. Try the demo version of this tool before you go for the full version to restore deleted pictures on Samsung Galaxy S3.

Simple steps to know how to undelete photos on Samsung Galaxy S3:

Step 1: Install the software by following the simple instructions on your Windows system. Connect the Android phone to your computer and wait for it to be detected. Now execute the software and select "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files" option to restore deleted pictures on Samsung Galaxy S3

How to Undelete Photos on Samsung Galaxy S3  - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: A screen will is displayed showing the list of Android drives connected to the system. Select the Samsung Galaxy S3 drive from where you want to restore deleted photos

How to Undelete Photos on Samsung Galaxy S3 - Choose Samsung Galaxy S3 drive

Fig 2: Select Samsung Galaxy S3 Drive

Step 3: The images are recovered and a list is displayed to you. Select your pictures and preview it.

How to Undelete Photos on Samsung Galaxy S3 - Preview Photo

Fig 3: Preview Recovered Picture

Step 4: After preview save the file by choosing the path using "Browse" option

How to Undelete Photos on Samsung Galaxy S3  - Save Recovered Images

Fig 4: Save Retrieved Photo